dry-insulated bodies


  • Manufactured from A to Z in house by a competent and experienced workforce team.
  • Accessories from reputable European suppliers.
  • Steel profiles framework built within the finished panels – Strength of the panels and the whole structure.
  • Flooring choices of chequered aluminum, “T” section profile, or fiberglass.
  • The smooth finish of walls, especially the fiber walls, which is ideal for advertising stickers.
  • Our reputation that was built over 29 years of manufacturing for the Omani market.
  • Strong Panel Joints.
  • Marine plywood flooring.
  • One piece wall ceiling & flooring panels.
  • The satisfaction of our clients and the volume of their recurring orders is witness to their satisfaction with our product.


Facts : MCI Refrigerated bodies are the benchmark for thermal integrity and efficiency.
Product Applications
       Ice      Seafood   Dairy
       Meat      Vending   Catering
       Poultry      Florist   Produce
       Bakery     Ice Cream   Dry Cargo

All of our products main body structures are produced in a similar process. The wall, roof, floor panels are constructed using a vacuum press technology, which removes the impurities from the panels prior to pressing unlike the pour in place process.
Having state of the art horizontal vacuum press tables, we can produce panels sized 15m x 3.2 m , resulting in panels that are extremely straight with a uniform foam density that is unparalleled in consistency. The result is a body that keeps its insulation properties constant for years. Cnc routers are used for high accuracy of panel cutting to insure perfect fit of panels and location of required cut outs resulting in a flawless product

The key goal in achieving long life, we use thermal breakers in the panels to stop heat transfer between the outer and inner skin layers.

By using premier materials, combined with exact engineering and production process, is important since most of the goods loaded in truck/trailer bodies are perishable. We MCI team, challenge and stand up to the vigorous demands of various truck trailer bodies.