Our Products

Custom Built Bodies

We offer discriminating travelers and companies the utmost in luxurious living accommodations, interior choices and leading-edge technological features. The custom built bodies are known for their elegant yet livable interiors, from normal cost effective layouts to luxurious layouts with leathers, rich textiles and extreme detailing. MCI custom bodies  are highly regarded for reliability, innovation and durability, With endless configurations, we convert dreams into reality and meet growing expectations and beyond. With plans featuring slide out side walls , automated  floor raising systems , we can convert a simple truck into a spacious living space.

Mci team focuses to exceed your exceptions and deliver what was known as an idea


Telecom Solutions

MCI shelters are versatile, lightweight structures that provide ease in transport and placement. Built with superior structural and thermal characteristics that allow for temperature and humidity control at minimal cost, especially at remote sites. They are made to withstand gale force winds, extremes of temperature and withstand the harshest climate the earth can offer

Our design and manufacturing capabilities are endless, from green field sites, roof tops , mountains sites to mobile sites, our shelters have been proven to tackle any challenges you can offer.


Rapid cell sites provide immediate, reliable solutions for events, natural disasters, emergency response and temporary duty during construction of new sites. Designed and developed by telecom experts to produce effective low cost solutions that full the growing demand of telecom sites. These solutions are designed to use small areas for deployment, full site can be transported and erected using a boom truck for green sites and self erected with mobile solutions. Sites are designed to be erected within a day (excluding telecom equipment) using as few as 2 people.

MCI RAPID SOLUTIONS are designed to accommodate climate controlled shelters, generators , fuel tanks , telescopic towers and storage space for antennas ,guide cables etc.
Regardless of your equipment needs, all controls and major equipment elements are designed for intuitive operation, placed for easy access and thoroughly tested for reliability and ease of maintenance.

Our rapid solutions range

  • COW-Cell on wheels – pull type trailer
  • RDV-Rapid deployment vehicle
  • Camouflaged towers
  • Monopoles
  • Bolt on towers



All of our products main body structures are produced in a similar process. The wall, roof, floor panels are constructed using a vacuum press technology, which removes the impurities from the panels prior to pressing unlike the pour in place process.

Having state of the art horizontal vacuum press tables, we can produce panels sized 15m x 3.2 m , resulting in panels that are extremely straight with a uniform foam density that is unparalleled in consistency. The result is a body that keeps its insulation properties constant for years. Cnc routers are used for high accuracy of panel cutting to insure perfect fit of panels and location of required cut outs resulting in a flawless product

The key goal in achieving long life, we use thermal breakers in the panels to stop heat transfer between the outer and inner skin layers.

By using premier materials, combined with exact engineering and production process, is important since most of the goods loaded in truck/trailer bodies are perishable. We MCI team, challenge and stand up to the vigorous demands of various truck trailer bodies.

Chillers & Freezers

Refrigeration is important for maintaining a proper, unbroken cold chain. Walk-in chillers and freezers are essentials of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and any other place that needs to store fresh, frozen, or pre-cooled food products. MCI walk-ins are enclosed, refrigerated storage spaces that range in sizes, can be either skid mounted or built inside the premises. We use the highest quality brands in the market to provide the best temperature control in the harsh environment.